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Robert Lewandowski

Who is Robert Lewandowski?

Robert Lewandowski is 31-years-old, born on 21 August 1988, and is a right-footed professional football player from Poland. Born in Warszawa, Robert Lewandowski has also played in Bundesliga for Dortmund and in UEFA Europa League for Lech Poznań.

Robert Lewandowski remains one of the few pure centre-forwards around in world football. While other attackers have a multi-faced range of abilities, Lewandowski is only interested in scoring goals, something he has done to devastating effect at club and international level. After emerging at Lech Poznan as a forward of pace, power and supreme finishing ability, a four-goal haul for Borussia Dortmund against Real Madrid in the Champions League brought him to the attention of the world, and a move to Bayern Munich has proven even more fruitful, winning the Bundesliga top scorer award on three occasions.

And how did you hand out the presents?

Lewandowski: When we sat together at the table in the evening the presents were already under the tree. Then we ate, taking our time. We children had to be patient. (chuckling) At some point our parents would say: Now! Then we all sat down on the sofa, and we kids started.

You're a dad yourself now. How has Christmas changed for you?

Lewandowski: The more mature you are, the better you understand how important it is to spend time with the family. To see everybody again, to talk, to celebrate and enjoy the time. Everything's going very fast in the world today, and sometimes you have to press the stop button. Christmas is something very special.

Who are clubs for?

"What's happening in football at the moment is a fine line between regionality and globalization. As a club, as a league you have to grow if you want to keep up with foreign clubs and associations. This leads to a big question: Who is the target fan of a club? Do they live in Munich or in Asia or in America? Solving this conflict is one of the biggest challenges clubs face at the moment. And that it leads to frustration for those who have stayed loyal to their club for years is obvious. These people must never feel they're being used."